You'll delight visitors and employees alike with a clean, affordable, gourmet coffee solution conveniently available in your office!

Trends clearly show that people truly want better coffee and are willing to go out of the office to get it if necessary. Save yourself and your co-workers the time, effort and cost of running out to the corner coffee shop three times a day. Get our Saeco Barista Supremo coffee system for your office now!

It's 2:18 pm... Let's have a cappuccino!

It takes more than just great, fresh roasted coffee beans to make a superior cup of coffee. You also need a coffee machine capable of extracting the full potential from the bean. We constantly monitor the market and select the finest machines currently available for every class of coffee solution. The featured Barrista Supremo System combines the best possible freshly roasted Fair-Trade and organic coffees with the best in class espresso machines on the market!

The Saeco Barista Supremo system:

Try the virtual demo to see how easy it is! The Saeco Barista Supremo System consists of a completely automatic, top-of-the-line cappuccino + espresso machine as well as all the supplies and servicing needed to make a great cup of coffee anytime you want it. The machines are artfully designed and built in Italy by Saeco, the most recognized name in quality automatic espresso machines. At the touch of a button, they serve up delicious specialty coffees that are freshly ground from the bean for every cup. There are numerous machine configurations, options, and sizes to suit each client’s particular needs – everything from a compact counter top setup, to a large stand alone machine capable of servicing 200+ employees.

There are other commercial coffee systems out there, but we have found none that can match the quality from these Italian designed and made Baristo Supremo coffee machines. See how the brew unit works.

Great coffee from a clearly superior solution!

At the simple push of a button, you get gourmet coffee made fresh from the bean. The easy to use units typically offer over a dozen unique selections of espresso-based coffee including espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe americano (regular black coffee), mochaccino, hot chocolate and flavoured cappuccino such as the ever popular french vanilla or hazelnut cappuccinos. Try the virtual demo to see how easy it is!

Flexible installation options:

To save counter space in the kitchen, it can be installed as a free standing floor unit.

To save floor space, it can be installed on an existing countertop.

It can be connected directly to the water supply or, if none is available, it can get it's water from a container.

The machine takes only 16" X 22" of floorspace -- roughly the same as a water cooler.

Since it can hold and dispense all the beverages, milk, sugar, and stir sticks directly into your cup, there is no need for a coffee counter for the accessories and everything stays clean all the time!

No more mess in the kitchen. Minimal packaging for minimal environmental impact. No more stale coffee. No more half finished coffee down the drain. No more waste. With the Barista Supremo System, every cup is individually brewed and enjoyed!

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Why is our coffee better?

Take a look at our Coffee Quality page and Coffee Science page to understand why the Barista Supremo System is the best quality and best value in the market for office coffee systems.