Office Water Service:

Do you have a bottled water cooler in your office?

Save space, save money, save effort, and be kind to the environment : Switch to a FILTERED water cooler! Contact us for a free water consultation for your office.

With a filtered water cooler you get great tasting water quality of bottled water without the hassles of changing the bottles and no water jugs cluttering up your office. Our water coolers are attached directly to the water line so they never need refilling and you'll never have to change water bottles again! The water filters improve the odour and taste of the water and remove the chlorine and organic matter from the water to make the taste perfect and clean.

Our coolers can optionally also offer hot water output: perfect for making tea or instant soup!

Have Limited Counter Space?

We have the latest free standing floor models that offer great capacity:

Have Very Limited Floor Space?

We have compact countertop models that can even sit atop a microwave and take no counter space!