Ordinary people can and do make a difference to the health of the planet in the choices they make every day including the coffee they choose to drink.

We use ONLY 100% Fair-Trade, organic coffee beans. This is all we have ever used in making coffee because we care about people, the planet, and about providing a healthful coffee solution for you.

Other suppliers principally use off-the-shelf, cheap bulk coffees and sometimes might offer an option of fair trade coffees at a great premium. The reality is that they wonít do that unless you ask them. Thatís why only 2% of the coffee sales in Montreal (industry wide) is Fair-Trade and organic coffee today. This means the other coffee companiesí commitment to the environment and ethical trade is only important enough to be 2% of their business!

Taste the Difference of Freshness!

People often forget that coffee is food like any other that we ingest! With that in mind, would you rather have a frozen dinner that has been sitting in storage for months or a freshly cooked meal made of premium organically grown produce? If you prefer the freshly cooked meal then our freshly roasted coffee is for you!

Coffe grows stale over time!

All of our coffee is freshly roasted locally in Montreal. There are no preservatives whatsoever because it is completely fresh and will get consumed before it has any need for wasteful packaging and preservative chemicals. This is what we have always offered. That is our commitment to bringing you top quality, healthy coffee solutions and that is our commitment to environmental ethics.

Compare our fresh roasted and fresh ground coffee with other solutions that expensively package individual servings of pre-ground coffee with chemicals in vacuum sealed containers that attempt to replicate flavours that you can only get with real freshness. They have individual vacuum sealed packets because their coffee sits in the cargo ships and on warehouse shelves for months before it ever gets used. This is the coffee equivalent of the frozen TV dinner and can never be as good as a real fresh roasted coffee. See the chart above: pre-ground and vacuum sealed coffee will STILL GO STALE IN 2 WEEKS at room temperature!

Thatís VALUE!

In the typical pre-ground single serving packaged coffee system you pay more for the preservatives and packaging than you do for the coffee! How do we know this? Because we offer higher quality coffees that are Fair-Trade and organic and locally freshly roasted AT A LOWER PRICE because we donít have to pay for all that packaging and preserving and months of storage! That's good for you, good for the environment, and thatís VALUE!

We can even offer kosher certified coffee on request.